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Resort Kalendar by Resort Studio

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OVO Wrocław - Materials - Paul Marcinkowski

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St. Petersburg Fashion Week Brochure `14-  J Grebennikova

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Adam Ferriss 

Artist on Tumblr

Adam Ferriss is a photographer and digital media artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to his artistic practice, Adam runs the photography labs at Otis College of Art and Design. His most recent projects involve creating tri-chromatic color separation photographs and algorithmically restructuring pixel array data.

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Compendium Cards

New York letterer and illustrator Lauren Hom known for her Daily dishonesty work has a created a new  line of inspirational gift tags. All cards can be purchased here.


Hardy - Poster Pack
by Wade Jeffree

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Darkness on the edge of town, Amanda Friedman

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What does tennis data sound like? Tune in →  #ibmsessions


- The Process of Perfection

  1. Production CADs denote how and where each frame will be cut from sheets of custom-designed acetate
  2. Acetate sheets are cut by machine, specific to the shape of each frame
  3. Extracting the raw frame shape from its acetate sheet
  4. The manual, hand filing process carves raw angles into each prototype…
  5. … Followed by further shaping and refining by hand
  6. Acetate frame fronts and their corresponding temples
  7. A metal hinge is fused into acetate for integrity of strength; no adhesives or glues are ever used in Oliver Peoples products
  8. Using a lens pattern, the frame and lenses are matched
  9. Along with the most advanced machinery in the world, hand tools like calipers and files are still utilized to create our eyewear
  10. For a limited-edition product like the Sir Series Vintage capsule, the temple caps are hand-tooled with our signature designs

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How To Be  A Person - Sleep Op


How To Be  A Person - Sleep Op

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TED Talks - Therese Ottem